Winter Scents

Candles, Perfumes, & Scented Lotions I'm Loving for Winter

I couldn’t be more excited that winter is almost here. It doesn’t get very cold in LA, but that doesn’t stop me from getting in the mood for the season. The temperature drops (a little), people start hanging their Christmas lights, and I finally get to wear layers again — it’s the best.

I’m getting cozy for the colder months ahead with the help of a few of my favorite fragrances. Candles, perfumes, and scented lotions are getting me in the mindset for the holiday season — even if the scents aren’t directly holiday-related.

What I Look for in My Fragrances

For the winter season, I want to feel cozy. Warm, inviting scents that remind me of a crackling fireplace and a hot cup of cocoa are my faves. These fragrances are sophisticated and mature, but light enough to be worn or lit everyday.

I love wearing perfume (even though I have nowhere to go) and often light candles at home. Scented lotions and creams are on this list since I have to carry one in my purse at all times. Washing my hands and using hand sanitizer has seriously taken a toll, so having a cream on deck is a necessity.

Shop some of my favorite winter fragrances below.



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