What’s In My Carry On Bag: Red-Eye Edition



Red-eye flights can be pretty uncomfortable if you aren’t prepared for overnight travel. I take red-eyes pretty often and usually when I land, I’m right off to work. Getting as much sleep as possible and looking well-rested is really important to me. I’ve gotten my packing routine down to a science so I’m never without my travel and skincare essentials.

Carry-On Bag

Even though I check my large luggage, I never travel without a carry-on bag as well. I like to have my laptop, camera, and a few toiletries with me at all times. My current favorite carry-on is leather and in my favorite color — tan.


Lately I’ve been carrying Lancome’s Visionnaire Nuit in my bag. Think of this night time treatment as part gel and part oil. You get the best of both worlds, the freshness of a gel combined with the nourishment of an oil. Airplanes are really drying and you have to go the extra mile to give your skin hydration and  it’s under 3 fluid oz, so it passes through security.

With this night time moisturizer I wake up looking like I’ve had a full night’s sleep. Once my flight lands I can start right into my work day without looking like I’ve been in-flight for hours.

Headphones and Ear Plugs

Music really helps me on long flights. It’s the only way I can relax and sometimes block out a talkative neighbor. I also make sure to bring ear plugs if I just need a bit of quiet time. If you’ve ever been seated next to a crying baby you know how crucial these are!

Eye Mask

When flight attendants stop by with food or drinks, they usually turn on the cabin lights which is pretty much a sleep ruiner. I pack a silk eye mask so the lights don’t disturb my rest.

Tooth Brush

I like to have toiletries in my bag just in case I want to freshen up and can’t get to my larger suitcases.

Cord Taco

This cute little tool helps keep my chargers separate, organized and easy to find.

Portable Charger

There’s nothing worse than having a dead battery. You can find portable chargers at every price point and they are definitely worth the purchase.

What are your go-to’s for a red-eye flight? Have any of you tried the Lancome Visionnaire Nuit?





Made in partnership with Lancome

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