Desk Essentials

What I Always Have On My Desk

Whether I’m working from home or at the Summer Friday’s HQ, I always have a few desk essentials on hand. I’ve learned what tools and work-related objects I should always have on my desk in order to be my most productive self. I can spend anywhere from a few hours to most of my day working at my desk, so it’s important for me to be surrounded by things that help me work smarter.

Blue Light Glasses

Anyone who spends a lot of time in front of a computer likely knows the potential problems that blue light can cause. We’re spending a ton of time sitting in front of artificial light, and when we’re not on our computers we’re likely staring down at our phones. I wear my blue light glasses to block the excessive amount of artificial light and to keep my eyes looking rested. This way, once I’m done with my computer for the day I don’t have to deal with puffy, tired eyes.

Productivity Cube

You guys have definitely heard me talk about these before. I love having a productivity cube on my desk at all times to help keep me motivated to finish my work. Without one I have the tendency to lose focus or put off a task that I could’ve gotten done a lot faster. All you have to do is set it to the amount of “productive” time that you need to get your work done and watch yourself get it all done.

Notebook & Planner

I still like to physically write things down in both a notebook and a planner. I can’t always rely on my phone’s calendar to remember all of my tasks and to-do items, so I stick to an old school planner. When I’m meeting with my manager or the Summer Fridays team I like to jot down notes in a notebook that I just grab right from my desk.

Oil Diffuser

This is one of my favorite self-care items! Oil diffusers are definitely having a moment and for good reason. The relaxing, scent-diffusing tool can change the entire aura of your workspace. Depending on my mood I’ll mix one or two oils and just enjoy the steam as I get my work done. It’s a great way to deal with stress!


Staying hydrated is another way to also stay focused and be productive. I also like to drink the recommended 8-12 glasses of water a day and having a bottle right at my desk is such an easy way to do it. There’s no excuse to not drink any water if it’s in your face!

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