Say Hello To The New Life With Me!

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You made it to my blog — you may be a long-time follower or a first-time visitor, but either way, I’m glad you’re here. I have been sharing content on my blog since 2014 and I cannot believe how quickly the years have flown by. I started my influencer journey in 2012 when I posted my first makeup tutorial on Youtube, which was followed by my Instagram page in 2013 and finally, my blog in 2014. So for the last eight years I have documented my life online — hence the name, Life With Me.

How it looks has changed over the years: It has evolved with my personal style and aesthetic (do you like the redesign?!), but one thing that hasn’t changed is my love and passion for sharing my favorite things with YOU.

I am always testing new products, shopping online for my must-have pieces of the season, or trying the latest wellness trend, and I am so eager to share all of them with you.

My life has changed a lot over the last few years from being an influencer to business owner. In 2016, Lauren Ireland and I started working on our skincare brand, Summer Fridays. Through this journey of having our own company, my life has completely changed, so in this new phase of Life With Me, I want to share more insight and tips about running my social media and business, and how I juggle it all.

You’ll still be getting the same content you are used to seeing from me, but I want to add more topics about things that are also relevant to my business life in hopes that it inspires you too. 


I also want to say a big thank you to you. Yes, you.

A question I get asked a lot is what inspires me or keeps me motivated and you guys are at the top of the list: my followers, readers, supporters, and online friends.

Your positive response to my content, reading my blog posts, liking and commenting on my Instagram — it’s what keeps me excited to continue to create more for you, to share with you, and to keep on going for eight more years and beyond. So welcome! Bookmark my blog and come back to check it often because I post a few times a week. I hope you love what I’ll be sharing.


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