How To Be The Best Dressed Wedding Guest

Wedding season is officially upon us, and I’m sure you have a calendar full of weddings to attend this spring and summer. While I love being invited to weddings, I think we can all agree that deciding what to wear is always the most stressful part. If you’re not part of the bridal party, then it’s all fair game to select your own look. But with so many gorgeous dress options, it can get overwhelming and feel near impossible to get it right. Thankfully, that’s not the case because I have three rules of thumb to stick to when shopping for the perfect wedding guest dress. Keep reading for my simple breakdown and don’t forget to shop some of my favorite looks!

Prints & Patterns

While weddings aren’t all about the guests, it’s still important to let your personality show with your outfit. A great way to add some details and have a little bit of fun with your dress is by going for simple prints and patterns. Whether it’s stripes, florals, or a patterned hem, you can find a dress that’s both formal enough and tied to your personal style.

Solid Hues

Not into the idea of wearing a patterned look? Don’t worry, just go for your favorite colors. An airy pink dress is the epitome of a summer wedding, but so are all pastels. If you’re a bigger fan of darker hues, then don’t stray away from your signature color palette. You can try a vibrant red, bright blue, or anything that makes you the most comfortable. After all, you have to feel confident.

Black Tie Affair

If you have to play the rules and the event has a black tie dress code, you obviously need a brand new LBD. At the end of the day, black dresses always flatter every body type and just look elegant. On the other hand, we all know that unless it’s stated that guests wear black in favor of the bride and groom, then it isn’t really an option. Wearing black can be seen as a wedding guest faux pas, and the last thing you want to do is make anyone unhappy. But if the dress code gives you the green light, find your next favorite black dress.

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