Goal Planning + Vision Board

Get ready for 2021 with free printable to set your intentions for the New Year.

If you’ve followed me for a long time, you’ve probably seen how consistent this topic is in my life. Each year towards the end of December, I start working on my vision board for the upcoming year.

Tucked away in a room at home I still keep all the past years boards and it is so gratifying to look at the past and see what I was able to accomplish, what I am still working towards or how my goals have changed.

I recorded my first solo episode for my podcast all about goal planning and how I make my vision board that you can listen to here — and please subscribe to my podcast if you haven’t yet! It’s free and I have new episodes every Tuesday that I hope inspire you.

Podcast Episode

To go along with this week’s episode, I’ve created two free printables that you can use while you think through your 2021 goals and create your vision board.

Goal Worksheet

For the goal setting sheet, you’ll write your end goal at the top of the sheet then write the steps backwards it takes to get there. This will help so that the big goal doesn’t seem so overwhelming and you can start to work towards your goal in mini steps.

Vision Board Planner

The vision board is something you will create, but I share in the episode how I like to write a list of actionable items or specific things to have on the back of my board. You can print this sheet to go along with your vision board and remember to check in during the year and make sure you are on track.

How To Print

  • On a desktop computer, click on the link for the printable
  • They will open in a new window
  • Drag the file to your desktop or right click / control click and “save image”
  • Open the saved image, then print and select “scale to fit” to fill the page when printing

I hope that these sheets + the episode will help you with your 2021 goals and to visualize the life you desire. Best of luck and have a safe and Happy New Year!

Xo, Marianna

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