OMG I Met Victoria Beckham!

I cannot believe I am writing this but I had the opportunity to meet someone I’ve always looked up to—the one and only Victoria Beckham. The fashion mogul stepped into the beauty world but this time with her own namesake brand, Victoria Beckham, and I got to preview all of the products and chat with VB.

If anyone would’ve told my younger self that I’d one day sit down and film video with VB, I would’ve never believed them! I’ve followed her journey from Spice Girl, to fashion icon, to clean beauty entrepreneur and had such a great time filming with her. In the video we discuss everything from what inspired her line, why she pivoted into the clean beauty space, and her morning routine (because I had to know her secrets!).

Victoria’s line includes everything from a priming moisturizer, to gorgeous eyeshadow palettes (and individual shades!), lip tints, and liners. You can check out her full collection here, and watch our video together below! Scroll down for some behind-the-scenes pics as well.


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