Staycation: Malibu

Summer Stay At The Nobu Ryokan Hotel In Malibu

I really love my Summer trips, I look forward to them all year. This year, any far away vacations and travels have been cancelled. I have really been enjoying my time at home, but I wanted to explore my city locally (and safely!) I had been looking into options that I could go to safely that implemented social distancing, safety of their guests and took extra proper precautions.

When I was looking into options, the Nobu Ryokan Hotel in Malibu came up! I had been wanting to go there since they opened, but hadn’t got a chance yet. What intrigued me was the open air and small number of guest rooms. When inquiring about booking, I was told up front about everything the hotel was doing to keep the guests safe; temperature checks upon arrival, removal of foods and drinks in the mini bar, all guests and staff in masks and no-touch check in and check out. You can read their COVID-19 policies here.

I started to feel comfortable with the idea of a staycation and booked a weekend at the hotel. I wanted to share some photos with you from my weekend in Malibu. I loved having a change of scenery, open air and being able to get some relaxing time near the beach.

For the rest of the Summer, I may see what other staycation options I can do, while remaining safe.

Malibu Favorites

  • Nobu Malibu
  • Little Beach House Malibu members only
  • Malibu Country Mart
    • Sunlife Organics
    • Taverna Tony
    • Cafe Habana
  • Malibu Farm

for any of the above, you can order food to go! So you can eat safely

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