How I Wind Down Before Bed

We’ve heard it so many times before, but getting a good night’s sleep is beyond important for our overall health. In my personal experience, jet lag is a huge factor that affects my sleep. I do a good amount of traveling for work and feel like I’m in a different time zone more often than not. It’s easy for my body and mind to get flustered during my travels, so I’ve always explored ways for me to get the best sleep possible. I’m not alone in this either. Did you guys know that over 40% of adults sleep fewer than seven hours a night? It’s not the ideal situation for any of us.

I’ve been a fan of the Headspace app for quite some time now for its mindful meditations and practices. The app just launched its latest venture, Sleep by Headspace, which features content that’s all made to target restlessness. These sounds, which Headspace named “Sleepcasts” are designed to be relaxing, descriptive narrations that help us focus on dreamy, low-energy environments.

Sleepcasts begin with a ‘wind-down’ to help people relax and decompress from the day—which we could all use. If you think about it, our minds seem to do extra work once in we’re lying in bed, with a ton of thoughts running through our heads. Another plus is that the Headspace app is designed differently when using the new feature. Upon selecting the Sleep option, the screen turns into a dark purple color for a more relaxing experience, and it’s filled with light ambient noise to help drown out background sound.

The twelve Sleepcasts were written by poets with soothing, unique voices to guide listeners and create a dreamy experience. Don’t worry about it all sounding the same each time you listen either. The Sleepcast narrations also randomly remix with every listen, creating an experience that is different each time, but still familiar.

Are you curious to try the Sleep by Headspace experience for yourself? You can download Headspace for Apple here and for Android here to start listening today.

This post was sponsored by Headspace.

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