A trip to the salon is a splurge, but I like to think of a professional cut and color as an investment. By treating my color gently and effectively, I can get the most out it my color and help it last as long as possible.

To keep your color looking it’s best (and save money in the process) it’s really important to protect and nurture your hair between salon visits. Here are a few tips for maintaining your color after you leave the salon

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Ask Questions

Don’t be shy during your appointment. Ask your stylist for advice on upkeep and product suggestions. They are your best resource so ask, ask away!

Pick the Right Products for After Care

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This is the most crucial part of maintaining the longevity and vibrancy of your color. You want to use a shampoo that is created especially for color-treated hair, a good one to try is Hair Food’s Color Protect Shampoo. It’s gentle, and free of silicones, parabens, mineral oil, gluten, and dyes. Using this shampoo to maintain your color prevents protein loss and protects your color giving you shiny hair.

Best of all it smells AMAZING, like a mixture of vanilla and jasmine – and I loveeeee anything that smells like vanilla!

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Scale Back on Shampooing

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Now that you have the right products to use, you won’t have to shampoo as often. Washing your hair less frequently is the easiest way to maintain color. Every other day is the most you should do, I personally wash mine every couple of days – so if you can get down to every three days that’s even better.

Keep it Cool

Cold water is better for hair in general but it is especially necessary for color-treated hair. If you can’t stand rinsing out your shampoo or conditioner with cold water, ease into it with lukewarm water and try to go colder with each wash.

Maximize Moisture

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Colored hair is more porous than untreated hair which means it absorbs and dispels moisture more easily. If you’re the type to skip conditioner, break that habit ASAP!

If you have dry hair from coloring it like mine often feels, you want to find a really hydrating conditioner specifically for color treated hair. The Hair Food Color Protect Conditioner hydrates as it smooths your hair cuticles and uses amino acids to strengthen and protect.

Beat the Heat

Use heat protectors to keep your hair from being damaged by styling tools. Whenever you can, try air drying or heatless styles.

How do you keep your hair color looking it’s best? Let’s swap tips in the comments section!

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This post is in collaboration with Hair Food, all opinions are my own.

Photography: Cibelle Levi

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