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How I Try To Stay Positive

Right now it may seem impossible to remain positive and look for a silver lining in everything that’s going on. I know it might be hard, but right now what we all we can do is try and be positive and do our best, whatever that may look like to you. Trust me, I know that the world seems very scary and many things are uncertain, but I am hopeful we will work through this together. If you’ve been struggling to maintain a positive outlook lately, these are the things that have helped me. Don’t forget to practice social distancing and CDC guidelines! Thank you to all of our healthcare workers on the frontlines for all that they do.

Morning Routine

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve shared my morning routine with you guys and so far it’s helped a lot of you too. I’ve learned that maintaining a consistent morning routine helps set the tone for the rest of my day, no matter what’s on my plate. It gives me some sense of normalcy and a schedule and the routine has really helped. If you wanted to start one it could be anything from a cup of coffee or water to a morning shower, or your daily workout. It’s all up to you, but consistency is key. For reference, my morning routine is: making my bed, hop in the shower, a quick meditation or workout, and sipping on water.

Staying Occupied

I know this may sound vague, but we can all agree that staying busy can help our minds stop from racing. When I have too much free time, I start to overthink or read too much information which can make me feel anxious During this time I’m fortunate to be able to work from home, and that’s really helped make the days go by. I’ve heard from so many people that they’re using this time to work on a side hustle, pick up a new hobby, make things digital, or just spend time with their loved ones at home. There were a lot of things that we took for granted before this happened, and staying in touch with my people and enjoying some creative me time is really helping me get through it. Being occupied doesn’t mean you have to be doing a million things like baking and organizing, do whatever it means to you to keep you happy and sane!

Creative Projects

Have you been wanting to put your creativity to the test? Now is the time! You can refrain from boredom by trying something new if you’re up to it. This could be the time you take up writing, work on expanding your portfolio as an artist, shoot some photography, or maybe even learn some TikTok dances (LOL!). It’s time to dream big and take advantage of all this time you didn’t have before. Need some ideas? Try a tie dye kit, updating your vision board or watching a masterclass.


To me, meditation has become super important. I started implementing this before we started to stay at home but shortly after, it became something I looked forward to during these uncertain times. I need a clear mind and have a positive attitude to start my day, and I’m sure you do too. I’ve been using the Balance app to meditate every morning (and sometimes at night). This time can be very hard for everyone, and for some it’s a lot more stressful than others. We can all use a guided meditation to get our breath in check, relax, and clear our minds as we try to get through all of this.

Moment of Gratitude

I’m extra grateful for my health, having a roof over my head, my family, my friends, and my career during these uncertain times. I also acknowledge that it’s a blessing that I do have a career where I can work from home, while so many others on the frontline of this pandemic or don’t have this option at all. Taking some time to reflect on and count your blessings doesn’t only bring inner peace, it’s also very healthy for your mind in general. With so much chaos and negativity surrounding us, it’s important to take some time to look within and recognize what we’re grateful for.


And finally, I have to rest. I’ve learned to listen to my body more and if I’m just not up for something then I’m going to acknowledge that I’m not. My energy is very sacred to me right now, after years of not realizing what proper rest can do for me. If I’m tired and cranky, how will I stay positive? It’s nearly impossible. Listen to your body and give yourself the rest you deserve.

How do you work on maintaining a positive outlook on life? I’d love to hear some of your methods!

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