If you follow me on Snapchat you’ve probably noticed how I’ve been putting extra effort into staying active even when traveling. No matter where I am or what climate it is, I try to find time to squeeze in a workout.

I usually pack some variaton of my workout staples that I can layer and mix and match in any climate. When it comes to my workout wardrobe high rise leggings are my go-to. Someone suggested that they’re best for running and hiking .. even pilates …  since they tend to stay in place and since then they’ve become my favorite style for every kind of workout. Lululemon’s high waist leggings have an amazing fit and I don’t have to worry about pulling them up or readjusting them during a workout.

Over the years I’ve built a collection of Lululemon high rise leggings in tons of colors and styles. Another item I always have in my luggage are the Lululemon zipped jackets. I throw them on for my workout and tie them around my waist if I get too hot. This is a go to piece that I can wear in different climates and seasons.

I’ve been wearing the Define Jacket by Luluemon for outdoor runs and bringing it to training sessions as well. It’s got incredible stretch, wicks away sweat, and it’s super soft.

No matter where I go, I make sure to pack my high rise leggings, a zip up jacket, and my sneakers and I’m ready for yoga, a hike, pilates, a run — whatever I’m in the mood for. The same way you should shop for quality pieces to add to your fashion wardrobe, use the same care to find versatile, stylish workout gear that will last.

Scroll down to shop my favs from Lululemon and let me know which pieces you’re adding toyour workout wardrobe.

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Photography: Karen Rosalie

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