Love Languages Gift Ideas

Here's what to gift your loved ones based on their Love Language

I’m a big believer in Love Languages. Learning what your giving and receiving Love Languages are can really help improve the way you interact with all your loved ones — especially when it’s time to shop for gifts around the holiday season. Not only do they help you shop for other people, but knowing yours also helps other people shop for you. (And when it’s not the holiday season, Love Languages really help inform how you communicate in every interpersonal relationship.)

There are five Love Languages:

  • Words of Affirmation
  • Physical Touch
  • Gift Giving
  • Quality Time
  • and Acts of Service

Words of Affirmation are positive words that can be written or spoken. Physical Touch can be hugs or any romantic or physical intimacy. Gifts can be anything, but they’re usually something tangible. Quality Time means “good” time spent together, uninterrupted and undistracted. And finally, Acts of Service are things you can do for the person.

As you get your last-minute holiday shopping done, here are some gift ideas based on the different Love Languages and if you don’t know what yours is, you can take a free quiz here.

Words of Affirmation

People whose receiving Love Language is Words of Affirmation like gifts where words are at the forefront. While a gorgeous piece of jewelry will make them smile, it’ll be an even more meaningful gift if it’s accompanied with a handwritten card. Invest in personalized stationary or ornate greeting cards to show your loved one how much you care about them.

Physical Touch

Physical Touch is a little harder to present in a tangible, gift-able way, but your loved one might like a massage or facial. You won’t be able to personally perform the service, but they’ll be thinking of you while they indulge in a bit a of self-care. (Keep in mind that a lot of places are still closed due to COVID, so make sure the gift certificate is valid for at least six months.)

Gift Giving

This is probably the easiest one as you get your shopping done! All you need to do is get your hands on your loved ones’ wishlists. People whose receiving Love Language is Gifts usually like more elaborate packages, so keep that in mind as you shop. (A gift card might not cut it for these people — make the gift really personal!)

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Quality Time

If your loved one wants Quality Time with you, that means they want your undivided attention. No phones, no distractions — just one-on-one time when the two of you can really bond and catch up. Take them on a small road trip, staycation, or weekend getaway when the two of you can really devote some time to your relationship. You can also buy an activity that you can spend time doing together … phone free

Acts of Service

Acts of Service is another type of gift that’s difficult to present in a tangible way, but offer to do things that are meaningful to them. You can cook a meal, help clean their place, or offer to babysit or pet-sit. Be mindful of activities that require you to be in a close vicinity because of COVID, but if you’re already in each others’ pods, then that’s one less thing to worry about.

Did this help with your holiday shopping at all? What are your giving and receiving Love Languages? Comment on my instagram and let me know!

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