“Maskne” Treatment

How To Treat Your Breakouts From Mask Wearing

Wearing protective face masks is an absolute must these days. I never leave home without it, but the constant wearing of them often can also lead to skin congestion. So the new term I’ve been seeing of this mask and breakout combination is called, maskne (mask + acne) If you are struggling with breakouts from your face masks and coverings, some of these products may help.

Astringents & Toners

Astringents (solutions that pull oil out of your skin) and other toners are the most tried-and-true products to help control oil production across your whole face. Soak a reusable cotton pad with any of these solutions and swipe it across the entire area under your mask both before and after wearing your mask to help keep the area clean and free of congestion.

Pimple Patches

Though pimple patches are relatively new acne spot treatments, they’re especially effective when you’re trying to target a specific blemish. There are a ton of options — including affordable ones — so just try out different brands and find the one that works for you. What I do is wear a pimple patch all day, it also helps from the mask fabric irritating the breakout even more and acts like a barrier between the mask and the blemish.

Spot Treatments

If pimple patches don’t work for your acne, you might need something a little more powerful like a spot treatment. Spot treatments are usually made with an active like salicylic acid to help pull the oil out from the blemish.

Face Coverings

When quarantine first began, I was using disposable face masks, but the paper was too rough for my skin so I made the swap to a silk face covering, just like they are great for your hair when you sleep on a silk pillowcase – they are less abrasive on your skin. My favorite is from Slip. If you’re wearing a cloth or cotton face mask, be sure to wash after each use with a fragrance free detergent so you don’t irritate your skin with harsh laundry scents.

I know that breakouts aren’t fun, but know that you’re doing the right thing by wearing a mask! What are some of your favorite ways to treat acne?

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