Self-Care At Work

How I Practice Self-Care In The Workplace

The self-care movement is louder and stronger than ever and I’m so here for it. As a big self-care advocate, I know how easy it is to forget and take a moment for yourself in the midst of a busy schedule. Let’s be real, that’s no excuse! You should always come first, and yes, you can practice self-care in the workplace. With my frequent travels plus an office job, I’ve picked up plenty of self-care tips along the way that you can do during your next shift. Let me know if you try these and/or if there’s any other self-care tips I should add to my workday!

Start With a Clean Desk

If my work space is cluttered, so is my brain. Starting off with a clean desk or work area is so important for me and makes it helpful for me to focus. Even if I have to take a few minutes to clear things out of the way before starting my work, I will and it’ll make my day a lot more productive and worth it.

Motivational Playlists

I enjoy listening to music when I work because it helps the time move faster, especially when I’m on my computer. I like making motivational playlists to help keep me going, and I typically make them last for a few hours so that I can listen throughout the entire time that I’m working. This is really easy to do since we all know our preferred music tastes and what would help inspire us to work.

Team Chats

Checking in with my team is always very important to me. While we spend a lot of time together, I always like to get a feel on how things are going and receive any feedback on projects, processes, etc. I also enjoy holding brainstorming sessions for any new ideas that we have in the pipeline because it’s always interesting and refreshing to hear everyone else’s perspective and ideas. Team bonding is a big form of work-related self-care for me!

Get Up and Moving

Sitting down at a desk for too long isn’t always good for us, but it’s just how some days go. I try my best to get up and be active if I’m having a day at the Summer Fridays office, whether it’s for a coffee, taking a lunch meeting, or anything of that nature. It helps me feel more rejuvenated once it’s time to sit back down and crank things out.

Stay Hydrated

I know this is just a standard rule of life, but it’s just as important in the workplace. Staying hydrated while at work will help keep you from feeling sluggish and push you to get the daily amount of recommended H2O. I bring a refillable water bottle with me whenever I head to the office in order to get my eight glasses in.

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