How To: Vision Board

Manifesting The Life You Desire With Vision Boards

For the last few years every December, I make my vision board for the upcoming year. I am BIG on manifesting, visualizing and putting together my goals in a concrete way. Going through the exercise of thinking about what I want to work towards and improvements I want to make my life have really helped me set the tone for the upcoming year.

When it comes to my vision board, I like to make the goals somewhat attainable. It isn’t a dream board of things I wish would happen, it is a physical board of goals I know I can make happen if I really put my mind towards it and do the work to back it up. I like to dream big, but I also don’t want to feel defeated if I don’t achieve what I set my mind to that year.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • a poster board (I prefer a foam board because its easier to work with when it is stiff, you could also use a cork board!)
  • Magazines
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • paper

What I generally do is buy a lot of different types of magazines. Beauty, Health and Wellness, Business, Tech, Travel, Home and any other categories that are relevant to your goals. This helps to have the most amount of content to choose from to create your collage.

I look through all of the magazines and rip out pages with pictures that I might like and headlines or text that is important to me. Magazines have great headlines for their stories that help to tell the story you want to make on your board!

When I am flipping through magazines, I look for pictures that express the things I want to attract in my life. I like magazines because there are so many types of images to choose from but you can also use photos, images from Pinterest, quotes – whatever inspires you! Tip: save images from Pinterest and get them printed on photo paper at CVS or any drugstore, it makes them look more elevated than printing on paper

After I go through all of them, I start cutting out the photos I want from the pages and divide them into categories. I like my vision board to have distinct areas so when I check in throughout the year – I know what I am looking at!

I divide mine into four sections; personal, professional, health and wellness and big picture dreams and goals. But you can do WHATEVER you want! Make it fun and enjoy it – it’s your life you are dreaming up! Then I arrange the images around the poster board before I start gluing them down just to make sure I like how it looks. When it is all done – time to glue!

The images help me visually see what I want to achieve, but in addition to that I also make a written list of specific things I hope to achieve in the upcoming year. I write or print the list and glue it to the back of the board. Throughout the year, I will go and check on the board and my list to see what things I have accomplished and mark them as DONE! (So satisfying!)

Ok so your vision board is done, now what? Put it somewhere you can see it! Look at it and let it be a visual reminder of the things you are working towards. Ask yourself, am I doing something today or this month or this week to get me to where I am trying to go? If you find yourself off track, use this as a nudge to get back to focusing on your dreams.

And that is really it! It isn’t too complicated but I hope this helps give you some direction of how to plan yours. I’ll be doing mine in a few weeks with my friends – I have my last two saved and I love looking back on them to see how far I’ve come!

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