Holiday Decor

It isn't too early to start decorating, take a look at some of my favorites for this season.

Ok I know, we’re only a few days into November but I already have the Holidays on my mind.

Usually in the Fall and Winter, I take trips to colder climates to really experience the change in seasons. I really look forward to them to marks the holidays – which I love¬†sooooo much. But since I’m not traveling this year, I wanted to make my home feel festive.

I know it may be a little early to start decorating, but I wanted to make my home feel extra cozy this year. I’ve already started shopping online and buying table top decor, a faux tree, and candles to make my space feel ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I wanted to share some of the things I bought or that I have my eye on so that you can start decorating too.

Of course it is all in the most Marianna style, I try and find minimal pieces in neutral tones so it fits my home decor!


Garlands and Wreaths



I’ll update this post with more picks as I shop around this Holiday season!


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