Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Take a look at all the pieces I think you'll need this Fall

If you take a look into my closet, it is mostly staple pieces. I like to invest in a wardrobe I can wear over and over again and then sprinkle in some trendier items to my usual uniform. My wardrobe is a little skewed because it doesn’t get too cold in Los Angeles, but I still love my Fall clothes! Here are the pieces I think are must for the new season that you can mix and match to get the most amount of outfits.


I am obsessed with denim, which is why I did a collaboration  last year with DL1961. I wear them in all situations and every season. Having a great fitting pair of denim is totally worth the investment. I am petite, so tailoring is a must for me. 

If you are on the shorter side, I usually look for cropped denim so they hit at the normal length for me or skinny jeans with a raw hem so I can cut them myself with fabric scissors.

Wear your denim with a tshirt and flats for day or boots with a jacket for night. They are so versatile! 

Leather pants

This is a staple piece for fall but definitely an investment. I’ve had the same pair of leather leggings since 2010 so I have gotten lots of use out of them. These are great for work with a blouse or to go out at night with a cute top and heels. 

If you don’t wear leather or don’t want to splurge on the price, there are so many faux leather options and even coated denim that look like leather but fit like jeans.


A good tshirt is hard to find, but can really tie together an outfit. It is a staple piece in my wardrobe I wear through every season because it can be layered under jackets, sweaters, blazers or worn on its own.


This has to be my favorite piece for not just fall, but winter as well. I tend to invest in a few really good sweaters each season then keep them for years to come. They rarely change styles and I opt for more classic pieces than a trendy color so I know they can always be rotated in my wardrobe.

In the Summer, I move them to the top shelf of my closet then I move them down to see them starting in October. In Los Angeles, it doesn’t get too chilly yet — so I like to layer them with a tank top or crop top.


For my Fall outfits, jackets and boots are really what help style the outfit for the season. The jeans and tshirt I can wear all year long, but these are statement pieces. If its a trendier item I only want to wear for the season, I will buy a less expensive jacket.

If it is a coat or jacket that I love and I know I will wear for years, then I invest in something I will wear over and over again.


In Los Angeles I still wear sandals in the fall, but I try to swap them out for flats and mules. They are so comfy and instantly make my outfits look more chic and put together. I don’t buy many of them but 1-2 pairs in my closet are more than enough for me.


These are usually trendier pieces I wear for Fall and Winter then I will resell them when the season is over to Real Real. I know this going into it when I buy them, so I tend to invest a little more in boots because I wear them with almost every single outfit. 

What are your Fall staples?

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