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Face Masks To Wear When You Go Out

With much of the country starting to reopen and people regularly going outside, you may be venturing out of your home more than you have in the last few months. Although places are starting to open up, I have chosen to still quarantine myself and work from home. This is for myself and for others – because I don’t want to put myself or other people at risk.

But just because businesses are opening up doesn’t make the threat of getting sick any less real, and in many places (including LA, where I live), mask wearing is still mandatory.

If you do choose to go outside for essential outings and even if it isn’t mandatory where you live – I really recommend wearing a face mask.

Check out a few including handmade ones from Etsy, some cute ones from brands like Girlfriend, Sanctuary, and Good American, and plain ones that can become staples in your wardrobe from Rag & Bone, Outdoor Voices, and others. My current favorite is this one from Slip Silk.

Which of these were your faves, and where are you buying your cute face masks from? Let me know in the comments below!

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