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Everything You Need To Shoot Your Own Content At Home

Since photoshoots are totally out of the question for the foreseeable future, I’ve had to get creative about how I create content at home. Self-shooting definitely takes some practice, but I firmly believe that you can take quality, Instagram-worthy photos by yourself with the right tools. Below, check out all of the equipment you need to need to shoot your own content, and some of my top tips for shooting on your own.

iPhone + Photo Editing Apps

I actually shoot the majority of my photos on my iPhone 11 Pro. The quality is almost as good as a camera, and it’s easy for me to edit all of my pics in the apps on my phone. I use Tezza and VSCO to filter, Snapseed to adjust the settings like contrast and brightness, Darkroom to adjust colors, and Touch/Retouch to remove distracting items in the pic.

Tripod + Ring Light

When you don’t have someone to help you shoot pics, it’s worth investing in a tripod — especially one with a bluetooth remote like this one. Tripods make shooting OOTD pics so much easier, and collapsible ones are easy to travel with, too. If you shoot lots of beauty videos at home, get a table tripod like this one that includes a ring light. I love that the ring light can be taken off of the table tripod and attached to a larger tripod if you need to film something standing up.

Shop: Standing Tripod with Bluetooth Remote, Table Tripod with Ring Light

Standing Mirror

So many of my recent posts have been mirror selfies because they’re easy to shoot and you can show off your cozy outfits. Pose with your pup, your laptop, or just your cute comfy clothes.

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And that’s it! It really is that simple. Just find a photogenic background, like a plain wall or your cozy couch, and get creative. Hope you enjoy these tips and equipment recommendations, and I can’t wait to see all of the content you shoot at home!


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