7 Easy to Do Hairstyles With Garnier

marianna hewitt hair tutorial

Being a Libra, I am pretty indecisive about everything. I’m always cutting and coloring my hair and same goes for styling. If you want to change up your hair too, don’t worry about needing to make a long term commitment with a new cut or color. I’m partnering with Garnier for Weekly Change Ups where I’ll be sharing with you a different hairstyle you can wear every day of the week so you’re never bored!


marianna hewitt garnier voluminous pony tail

Ponytails aren’t just for bad hair days. I love creating amped up ponies whenever I want to show off a fresh eyebrow wax or if I want to do a really fierce cat eye. To get a voluminous messy ponytail, start by adding Sky Hi Volume Mousse to damp hair and Root Amp Root Lifting Spray Mousse on your roots. Blow dry with a round brush and large rollers then tease your roots once your hair is dry. Make a loose ponytail leaving out your front layers. Twist your leave-out, then wrap the hair around your hair tie. Finish off with a little Full Control Hairspray to keep everything in place and you’re all done.


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If I know I’m going to have to go straight from Pilates to run errands, I need a hairstyle that can take a little sweat but still look good. Most of the time I go with some version of a fishtail braid. Even if you’re not the best braider you can get this look. (For an added boost, spray Full and Plush Thickening Lotion on damp hair. No need to rinse it out.) Now start with a deep side part and create a fishtail or French braid down to your ear. Secure it into a ponytail and hide your hair tie with a small piece of hair. Next make another fishtail braid with your ponytail. Tame your flyaways with a little Full Control Hairspray and you’ve got a double braid that looks way more difficult than it is.


marianna hewitt hair how to easy messy bun top knot pinterest

The easiest way to make a casual outfit look dressier is to go for an updo. Start by spraying clean hair with Texture Tease spray then pull your hair up into a loose ponytail. Twist your hair into a loose bun, the looser the better. Secure it with a few pins then carefully fluff it out to keep it looking effortless. Finish the look by lightly spraying a little Full Control Hairspray to keep every strand in place.


marianna hewitt hair how to tutorial easy beach waves loose waves texture bend model hair

One of my favorite hairstyles is actually part beach waves and part bombshell curls. It sounds crazy I know, but it’s actually my go-to style. To get a textured bend start with wet hair and apply Beach Chic spray. Twist your hair in sections to get the texture started. Then blow dry with a round brush. Spray Texture Tease and give your hair a good scrunch. Now go in with a medium sized curling iron or wand to create waves. Be sure that your face-framing layers are curled outwards, other than that you can get messy with the curls and have fun!


marianna hewitt hair how to blow dry hair tutorial full dry bar at home

When I’m in a really indecisive mood, I can always just go for sleek, straight hair. I feel like straight hair has to look really healthy and shiny, so I start with a little Smoothing Milk and Sleek Primer before blow drying with a round brush in sections. If you like to straighten your hair frequently, I suggest using Garnier FlatIron Express Treatment on wet hair to protect your strands and keep your hair looking healthy.


marianna hewitt half up crown braid full hair tutorial easy pinterest

 I started experimenting with half-up braid styles during festival season and loved them so much I find myself creating new versions of the style all the time. If you’ve got limp, day old curls that need a little spicing up, this is an easy look to try. Start by creating two braids in front and securing them with rubber bands, then fluff them out for a bolder look. Pin them in place then break out the Pure Clean Finishing Paste. Use a tiny bit on your fingertips to add a piecey textured look. I think it’s important to do a light spray to finish off any style so I always grab Full Control Spray as a final step.


marianna hewitt hair tutorial braid braided ponytail easy pintrest

I’m a big fan of messy low ponytails but whenever I wanna take one to the next level, I always go for a jumbo braid. Start by making a low, loose ponytail then spray some Texture Tease to get even more volume and texture. Be sure to cover your hair tie before making your braid. Secure it with a clear rubber band then pull it apart carefully to make your braid look large and in charge. You’ll definitely want to use a bit of Full Control Spray on your jumbo braid to help it keep it’s shape. 

Disclosure: This post was created in collaboration with Garnier and Style Coalition.

Garnier Hair Styles by Marianna
Garnier Hair Styles by Marianna
Garnier Hair Styles by Marianna
Garnier Hair Styles by Marianna
Garnier Hair Styles by Marianna
Garnier Hair Styles by Marianna
Garnier Hair Styles by Marianna
Garnier Hair Styles by Marianna
Garnier Hair Styles by Marianna

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