The patch trend is having a huge moment right now. I’ve seen absolutely everything adorned with patches — bags, shoes, boots, jeans, hats, and jackets, you name it. I wrote about it in a previous blog post of some styles you could shop, but if you you wanted to do it yourself you can!

I decided to put a personal twist on the denim jacket with patches trend and film a quick DIY. Start with an old denim jacket, I feel like the trend looks best on oversized and broken in jackets over anything too crisp. Once you have all your patches laid out, start mapping them out on your jacket. My advice is to take the time to play with positioning the patches, after all, once you iron or sew them on, it’ll be too late to make changes.

Once you’re happy with placement, start ironing or sewing. I think by mixing iron-on patches and sew-ons, you get a much more personalized look. I also suggest getting patches in various sizes and leaving a bit of room for adding more patches down the line.

Here are some adorable patches I found on Etsy. If you do this DIY be sure to tag me in your pics so I can see your creations.

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