What I Eat + Free Printable

marianna hewitt what i eat in a day food log free printable worksheet diet

Eating healthy for me is a lifestyle choice. I never put myself on a diet, though sometimes I eat a little healthier than others. Personally, it is really hard for me to eat the way I would like to when I travel so when I’m home in Los Angeles, I try to eat as clean as possible.

After many requests for a video of what I eat in a day, I finally got around to filming this and wanted to share that this isn’t a typical meal and of course I eat bad food too, but for this particular 24 hours this is what I ate.

My smoothie I share in the morning can be made a few different ways, if you missed that post you can head to this blog post to see a few options and why I choose to put in the ingredients I use.

If you want to follow along and track your progress for the week and keep yourself accountable to make better choices, save the image below and print it out and I would love if you would share it with me on Twitter or Instagram!

marianna hewitt free printable worksheet food log what i ate diet

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