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Creating Content from Home Through Covid

Right now we have to get more creative than ever, especially if you’re a content creator. For my influencer side of work I still have to keep the ball rolling and stay up to date with my content. Whether it’s for a campaign, Instagram stories, or just for fun—I’ve had to get used to creating more content from home. If you’re struggling with what to post right now or how to capture quality content at home, keep on reading!

Bathroom Shelfies

If there’s one thing that’s super photogenic and Instagram-worthy, it’s beauty products! I love seeing people’s shelves (or bathroom shellfire as we call them) with their current product lineup. This is also a great way to introduce your followers to new products, give reviews, and share your thoughts.


Who doesn’t love a good flatlay? This is another way to display beauty products and fashion staples alongside textures, surfaces, and other aesthetically-pleasing props. Play around with these and experiment with lighting too while you’re at it—shadows can go a long way!

Mirror Selfies

I’m sure you’ve been seeing these a lot lately, but mirror selfies are officially back! I’ve been enjoying snapping some of my own, and it’s an easy way to show off your quarantine looks. And they make for a great puppy cameo too!

Self-Shooting with a Tripod

I recently got the Glamcor Elite X for lighting and as a phone holder for some of my photos. If I need to take a more professional shot, I’ll use the special lighting and a Bluetooth remote or self-timer. There are so many great lighting options to use for your photos, but I’m really loving this Glamcor one!

How are you creating content from home during quarantine?

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