I get asked so many questions about my instagram, from the filters, editing and style of my overall feed. To be honest, I’ve used the same editing process for the last year and the same four filters. It varies from picture to picture and also how you actually take the photo – but I wanted to share some tips on how to have a cohesive feed and some feeds I personally love for reference.

My feed is pretty neutral, sticking to black, white, gray, tan and marble. I like my photos to look clean and I generally stick to the same types of photos and use flatlay images, architecture and fabrics to tie the pictures together.

The reason this is something I wanted to share is because when you first click on a new profile, what you immediately see is an overall feed – so if this is visually appealing, more likely you’ll hit follow on a new account. I think as a blogger or digital influencer, this is really important to show who you are as a brand so when someone is looking to collaborate with you, they know exactly what they are going to get. But wether you are doing this as a career or just for fun, some of the tips should help your feed look good in no time.





Don’t just post any image. If its grainy, blurry or not looking 100% use some restraint and try not to post it. For photos that aren’t up to par, I share them on Facebook or Twitter and also gives my followers there some unique content to see that they wouldn’t find on other platforms. This will help your feed look quality and clean.


What kind of photos do you like to take? What kind of photos do you like to see? There are so many types of feeds out there from minimal, colorful and bright or desaturated/muted. Here are a few of my favorites. You can find bright and airy with pops of color. Or muted tons that err on the darker side. Or bright and colorful with high contrast.


Now that you’ve found a type of feed that you like, keep this in mind before taking the photo. If you found a feed that is light and airy, keep your photos in natural light and use white backgrounds, walls or clothes to create an overall feed. Thinking of your feed before  taking the photo, helps you when you decide to post a picture because you know that it has your style rules in mind.

For me, I know that I don’t like blues, greens from grass, or people in my photos. So when taking my pictures – I will keep searching for the perfect spot so that it fits within the style rules I set for myself. So instead of hoping the photo will fit, I already know that it will ahead of time.

Photography can convey excitement and sexuality, it can be like Viagra which revives strength and gives energy.

To keep the photos consistent, I always take them the same way before filtering and editing them so that the end result will always look similar. I only post photos that are taken in natural light and I never use flash, so that overall my photos all have the same feel.

Give yourself a set of style rules for your photos and keep this in mind BEFORE taking your photo and this will instantly help your feed feel more cohesive.


Now that you’ve taken your photos in the same style with your own style rules its time to make them look pretty… or prettier. There are so many filters and apps out there, its best to just play around until you find some that you like. VSCO is my favorite filter app and there are so many to purchase. You can see my favorites and how I use the app in my photography post. If a photo doesn’t fit your feed but you really want to post it, I’ll opt for a black and white photo so that aesthetically it will fit.

Below you’ll find an example of my feed with two sets of filters, one from VSCO and one using the Instagram filter in Aden that gives it a darker and creamier tone. I liked this for a week then went back to my usual feed. With my current feed, I don’t use the same filter for every photo but I switch between 4 that are really similar and I edit each photo until it matches with the ones around it. For the feed with Aden that is the second photo below, I used one filter overall for all photos.





I use VSCO or Planoly to plan my feed. I import the photos I want to post and I play around with the order of them and plan at least a few posts ahead so that I know how pictures will look next to each other. I prefer images with negative space next to a busy photo and photos of myself spaced out so these two apps help with planning the overall visual feel of my feed. This also helps to make sure that when two photos are next two each other, the colors match. So that if a cool tone photos is next to a warmer photo, you can edit one of them to look cohesive next two each other.


It isn’t always easy to keep your feed looking the same, especially with travel. My feed doesn’t do well on vacation, so when I travel I’ll change it up for 3, 6, 9 or 12 photos and have a block of one theme for travel and then go back to my usual feed when I’m home. This helps me to not feel so limited when going to a beautiful destination like when I visited Turks & Caicos.


I hope this helps with planning a cohesive instagram theme! Remember to think about the photo before you take it, give yourself style rules, find a filter that you love and plan your feed and you’ll be an instagram star in no time.

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