The 5 Makeup Brushes Everyone Needs

Foundation Brush

While we may not all wear foundation every single day, it’s important to have a foundation brush available for the days we do. In order to get an even color and distribution of foundation across our faces, we need the right brush to do so. You also need to keep in mind that liquid foundations require different brushes than powdered or cream ones.

Angled Eyebrow Brush

Since most of embrace fuller brows, we have eyebrow powders, pomades, gels, and more to get the job done. Of course, those require their own brush in order to properly fill in your arches with some pigment. While most eyebrow gels come with a spoolie brush, an angled brow brush can help apply any product formula a lot better.

Contour Brush

Even if you don’t prefer fully chiseled cheekbones, we can all use a little bit contour. The easiest way to get the contoured look that you prefer is with a specially designed brush that fits perfectly in the hollows of your cheeks. Any brush size that is too large or too small will result in either an overbearing amount of bronzer or uneven streaks.

Fan Brush

Fan brushes weren’t as popular then as they are now. With the sudden boom of heavily highlighted makeup, brands realized that we need the best brush possible to get our glow on. A fan brush is ideal for dusting highlighter across your cheeks, down the bridge of your nose and your cupid’s bow.

Powder Brush

Because a lot of us like to go over our foundation and concealer with powder, we need the right brush for that too. Get yourself a big, fluffy brush to lightly dust powder evenly across your face. This will also help set your makeup in to prevent any creasing as the day goes by.

Bonus: Beautyblender Sponge

Okay, so the beautyblender isn’t technically a brush, but it applies makeup so well that I couldn’t leave it off of this list. I swear by my beautyblender and use it every time I apply my makeup, for an airbrushed finish. It really gets the job done!

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