Staying organized is they key to being able to manage my busy schedule. But with being organized, being productive comes hand in hand. I’ve found that in order to be my most productive self I have a few handy apps on my phone and computer to help me along the way. These all make my life so much easier to manage and in turn, I get the most use out of my time by being super productive.


I love the Asana app for tracking a project from start to finish. Every step of the way is mapped out with boards, timelines, team input and much more. It’s a simple way for me to track progress and goals and integrate assets from other apps such as Dropbox or Google Docs into one place.


CoSchedule is every influencer’s dream. Think of it as one big marketing calendar that holds a place for all social content, events, email—you name it. This is a desktop app, so it’s perfect for when you’re sitting down and really immersed into your work rather than when you’re on the go and handling business on your phone.

Google Docs

Who doesn’t love trusty old Google Docs? These have had us covered for a long time (maybe since those college days?), and in the real world they’re just as useful. Google Docs are probably the easiest way for me to get feedback from brand partnerships or my team. Everyone stays in touch and makes edits without having to constantly email back and forth. There’s nothing more stressful than having your email inbox pile up!


To make my Instagram as curated as it is I use the Planoly app. Planoly is great for two main purposes, being visual and marketing. It allows me to preview a post on my grid beforehand to see if it’s a good fit for my personal brand or if I need to do some more editing. As for marketing purposes, I can schedule branded content on time so that it aligns with the partnership schedule and agreement.

Tick Tick

For more of my everyday tasks I like using the Tick Tick app, which is basically just a to-do list. It allows me to check off simple tasks off my list as the day goes on, or I can set up alerts in a calendar to be reminded when certain things are due, what events I have that day, etc.

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