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if you could tell your teenage self 5 things about life, what would they be?


I used to stress about things that now really don’t matter at all. Not to minimize when you’re feeling right now because this is your life so everything is valid! But likely anything that I really worried about as a teenager, isn’t something I stress about or even think about now. I know going out and having lots of friends and being cool seems like the end of the world, but to be honest I only have a handful of friends I still keep in touch with from when I was a teenager.


You will be older a lot longer than you are young, so in high school prep yourself for your long term goals. Do well in school so you can get into the college or university you want to attend so that down the line you can have your dream job. It’s never too early to start having a good work ethic. Try out lots of things and see what you really are passionate about and good at, and see if theres a career down the line that can fit into those categories.


Be nice to them. They (likely) are working their butts off to provide for you. Full time jobs and taking care of kids and a husband or wife is a lot of work. Don’t add extra stress to their life.

I know it seems like your parents are so not fair. They don’t want you to go out late and you have to do your homework and you can’t have a sleepover or you can’t go on a date. I promise you its because they love you. Looking back, I thought my Dad was sooooo strict but I know he did it because he wanted what was best for me. I thought I was so grown up and was making great decisions, but I’m fortunate to have parents who guided me along the way.


I don’t really think I know anyone who is married to their high school sweetheart. I know dating someone at this point in time is really important, but don’t plan your life around a boy. Hopefully, you’ll go on lots of dates and meet lots of boys. Your taste in them will change over the years and when you’re older you’ll probably say to yourself OMG I can’t believe I ever dated so and so. So¬†try not to stress over them. If you’re going through a breakup, I know it sucks but you’ll get over it. And more than likely go through it again before finding the perfect one.


It’s hard looking at magazines, social media and even your peers in school and thinking I’m not this enough or I’m not that enough. But accept yourself for who you are and some of those things you might see as flaws, you will hopefully grow to love. Comparing yourself to a celebrity who is the same age as you, isn’t fair. They have a whole team of people who make them look that way from hair and makeup and a stylist. Their pictures are edited and you see a final perfect product not what the reality of it really is.

I want to end this post to let you know it’s totally up to you to create the life that you want. Your life and your future is in your hands, despite where you come from, what your situation or background is. Don’t wait to work on how you want your life to be. Start now thinking about the woman you want to become, who you want to be, what you want to accomplish and I hope that this post helps you a bit through your teenage years.



PS don’t get any tattoos. You’ll hate it in a few years.

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