Work & School Tote Bags Under $100

One of the most important items any student or working women should own is a great bag. By a great bag I mean, one that holds all of your necessities and still manages to go with your personal style. A lot of us are used to stuffing all of our belonging in a large, clunky bag that doesn’t match our style at all, and it shouldn’t be that way. If you’re in search of a new bag for work or school, look no further. I’m sharing my favorite picks in three different styles that can work for in the office or in the classroom.


A large tote is an ideal bag for stashing all of your essentials if you don’t want to go back to wearing backpacks. Look for totes that have several compartments for storing different items. This way you can keep everything a lot more organized and easier to find. Plus, you’ll have another cute bag to add to your closet.


For those who still enjoy wearing backpacks, there are now so many stylish options out there. You don’t have to settle for the same styles anymore, because there are so many color palettes, styles, and structures to try. A faux-leather backpack is just as good as a classic work tote.

Bonus: Laptop Sleeves

As a bonus, I’ve included a type of bag that we all could use—a laptop sleeve. It’s never a good idea to just toss your laptop in your bag if you don’t have the proper compartment for it.  To keep your laptop safe, snag yourself a cute sleeve to store it in. If your bag is big enough, you can stash your laptop and its sleeve right inside, and if not you can always hold it separately. 

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