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5 Summer Sunglasses I Keep Wearing On Repeat

Everyone knows that summer is the brightest season of the year, and even though LA has year-round sun, I always have to a little extra shopping to make sure I have all of the accessories I need for the season. From sunscreen, to sandals, and everything in between, I love stocking up on accessories that make my summer wardrobe feel a little brighter. So of course, I can’t forget to snag some beautiful sunglasses to add to my ever-growing collection.

Below, check out some of my favorite sunglasses to stock up on for the summer and beyond.

Celine Cat Eye Sunglasses, 50mm

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that these frames are my absolute favorite — I’m wearing these in almost every pic on my feed where I’m wearing sunglasses, and I even own them in multiple colors! The oversized cat eye is dramatic, but still timeless. I love that I can wear them both with dressy and casual clothes. They’re enough of a statement to stand out, but they still fit in with my minimalist style. It really is a sunglass match made in heaven!

Shop: Celine Cate Eye Sunglasses, 50mm

Quay Australia Jezabell

If you lean more toward rounder frames, try out these ones from Quay. The Aussie-based brand is known for their epic collab capsule collections but their standard frames like the Jezabell are all amazing as well. These frames are more like round squares and they have an oversized look that can feel both glamorous and chill.

Shop: Quay Australia Jezabell

Illesteva Nicosia Gold Sunglasses

I love aviators with a more unique shape like these Illesteva frames. These have the signature aviator bar at the top, but the outer bottom corners don’t come down too far. That way, they don’t hit my cheeks every time I talk or smile. Plus, the slightly angular shape of the lenses makes these feel slightly edgier than your typical aviator.

Shop: Illesteva Nicosia Gold Sunglasses

Madewell Adrian Sunglasses

If you love the Celine sunglasses but want something a bit smaller — and more affordable — check out these bestsellers from Madewell. It comes in two different tortoise finishes so you can pick the one that best suits your vibes. The frame itself is a bit more cat eye-like than the Celine frames, but their overall size is smaller.

Shop: Madewell Adrian Sunglasses

Oliver Peoples Finley 51mm Retro Sunglasses

’70s-inspired clothes and accessories are trending this year, so you should definitely snag some sunglasses to match. These fun frames from Oliver Peoples are rose gold-tinted and slightly transparent all over with a reflective lens, making them some of the most subtly bold sunnies in your arsenal. I also like that these have a really flattering shape that would suit most face shapes and sizes.

Shop: Oliver Peoples Finley 51mm Retro Sunglasses

Bonus: Dezi Sunglasses

Though her sunglasses haven’t launched yet, I have to shout out my friend Desi Perkins! She is officially launching her sunglasses brand, Dezi, at the end of the month. The brand is launching with six different frames that are all so fun and chic. I can’t wait for you all to be able to get your hands on them!

What sunglasses do you always have on rotation? Let me know in the comments below!

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