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30 Home Accessories That I'm Loving Right Now

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I’m a firm believer in making your home your sanctuary, and since I moved into my place, I’ve been loving finding ways to decorate it and add my own personal flair. And though big furniture pieces definitely set the mood for a space, I also think that accessories are equally important. My minimal style in clothing definitely carries into my taste in furnishings, so it’s usually pretty easy to find things that mesh well with the Paris-meets-LA feel of my home.

Below, take a look at some catch-all trays, mirrors, baskets, vases and planters, and candles that I’m seriously crushing on right now.

Catch-All Trays

You can never have too many catch-all trays. They’re perfect for jewelry storage, organizing your vanity or bathroom area, or just serving as decor. I typically gravitate toward minimal catch-alls that can serve multiple purposes. For example, one that I linked also has a wireless charger so you can leave it on your entry table and quickly charge your phone before you head out the door.


As someone who is definitely on the mirror selfie train right now, I can’t deny the importance of gorgeous mirrors around your home. Whether they’re hung, mounted, or leaning against the wall, mirrors can make a space feel larger — and the right one will make a space super chic. I love gold and neutral-framed mirrors to give a space a little extra glam.


Like catch-all trays, you can never have enough baskets. They’re easy to throw in any room for any purpose — storage, planters, or anything else you need. I keep all of my at-home workout equipment in my living room and I don’t want it to look out of place, so I use a nice basket like one of these to blend the storage into my living room decor. Woven baskets are always easy to place around your home, especially if your tastes lean more boho and neutral.

Vases & Planters

What I love about vases and planters is that they’re so versatile. Obviously, you can use them for house plants and flowers, but I also love that vases are such easy decor items. I have a few on my entry table just for show, and I can easily move them throughout the house to places that need a little filling, like bookcases or shelves. If you want to keep something in your vases but don’t want to worry about keeping plants alive, invest in some dried grasses that will look beautiful year-round.


Though candles are primarily used for making a space smell better, they can also be an integral part of your decor. Candles are often housed in beautiful jars, bowls, and dishes that can be reused after you burn through the wax, so find ones that match your space. You can later turn them into planters, storage, or just extra decor.

Which of these items did you love? Let me know in the comments below!

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